Sunday, September 13

Zack or CK or Raymond? Part II

After finish the first part of the gathering....
Is time for the main event then..
The second Lucky Guy which is " The Cockroach"

We all will give a birthday surprise to him..

So here's the plan,
there would two team of people who will operate on this plan.

The team A will responsible to distract The Cockroach until the second team B arrive in the sudden to start off the surprise party.

As planned, we all indeed gave The Cockroach a big Surprise.LOlz...

The Cockroach looks Happy with the surprise.

After singing Birthday Song to CK...
so the next thing we all do in order food to eat.
everyone is so hungry and strafing.

as the food arrive, we all are non-stopping eating it.

Some of them even finish their food already in minute time!

The Bday Boy which din order any food is busying taking picture with all of us.
Here are the evidence of the picture.walla...

Ck with Ah Hong...

Both of them din notice that got other camera is capturing them.

Yan Ping & CK?

Looks happy to take picture with CK?

Jun wei also can't wait to picute.

Cute cute Ah Hong & CK again?wat the?

Ah Liang please smile when taking picture.

Husband & Wife? (CK beloved friends Rayomind San)

Got an extra hand?

CK & Lynn (His beloved)

The naughty Ryan & CK.

Haha. Me & CK...lolz..

Beside taking picture with the birthday boy.
some of us also take picture among ourself.

Raymond & Pei ling.

The Brother & Sister.

Guess i got caught when taking this picutre.

Can't take a Popper picture when all the guys are around.

I guess only Phei Yee notice it when i taking the picture.

The surpise party celebration ended around 10 something.
after that, we all are going for movie that are suppose to be a farewell movie day with raymond.
which is raymond thought is just a simple movie.
but for us, is not just a movie but with a meaningful reason behind it.

before i end this post.
i just want to wish all the best to Raymond and Happy Birthday to Chee Keong
I love u both....


cheekeong said...

thanks thanks thanks..

really appreciate what you all did to me..

and thanks for the cake..

also the FD4~

RIcky said... need thanks de..
friend lai de ma...
this wat friend is for de...

typ said...

hey man, my name is yen ping not yan ping.... thx... wahhaha...