Sunday, October 11

A dinner with Them?

For me...Saturday is my days..
i always hang out with my UNi friends.

But, on this saturday, is a bit different.
i also hang out with my Uni friends
but with a add on Firend far away from KL..
An old house from KL.

His name is Mr. Loong.
Guess what?
i let u all guess which one is he.

Guess who is Mr. Loong?

As our Mr. Loong coming all the way from KL to take his beloved CONVO picture.
Then 4 of us had decided to hang out together or at least having a dinner.

Therefore, 4 of us going to the Taiwan Cuisine located at Jalan Burma Road.
I not sure the restaurant name what, just noticed is written as TAIWAN only.

The sign is written something Taiwanese Delight.

As we reach there, we all have to wait outside as the restaurant is fully occupied.

looks like this restaurant is quite famous.

After, a few minute of waiting, finally is our turn.
the whole environment of the restaurant is quite nice..
with a little big of Taiwan style.

The environment in there is quite nice.

They even having a small cabinet for storing souvenir.

A lovely Mickey Mouse collection taken from the cabinet.

Without wasting time, we started to order,
while waiting for the food.

As, the food arrive, all out us just start our dinner right away as every one is starving.
As for our dinner, we order

A dish of Drunken Chicken
A dish of Salty Pork
A dish of Vegetable
A dish of Small Snack &
8 bowls of Rice.

Dun believe me?
See it yourself then.Hehe..

8 bowls of Rice eh..LOlz.

The main 3 dishes..Haha.

And Tea of course.Our Chinese Tradition.

Raymond and Way Jang with the food?

The food taste delicious of course,
all of us finish it in second of time.lolz.
As soon we finish our dinner, we sit there relax and chit chat among ourself.

Thiking to add more rice?

Way Jang looks satisfied with the food.

I wonder what they both looking at?

A toss for?..Lolz..

Finally, we all decided to leave at around 9pm something.
As for the rest all the nite with nothing to do.
so we all just end up going HOME....

Last but not least, the two "Taukay" there is paying the dinner o.Hehe.