Sunday, September 13

Zack or CK or Raymond? Part I

How to say..
Today dated 4/9/09 Saturday, a beautiful day.
Today is a special day whereby i am attending 2 farewell gathering and a Birthday celebration.

haha...having 3 event in the same day is a quite thing.
So without waste any time, lets get start then.

The 3 lucky guys that i mentioned about are:

Mr.Cockroach Keong (The Upcoming B'day Boy).

Mr. Raymond (London Boy)

As last but not this least

Mr Zack Yeoh (Fhilippines Boy)

The main Started at 3pm at E-gate where Mr. Zack will be the main Actor in the sense.
Zack Yeoh here, is leaving Penang soon to Manila, Philippines for jobs purposes.
Despite, he leaving on that day, therefore we manage to pull out a small gathering with him.

As the result turn out, quite of many people came actually.hehe....

Raymond and Jun Wei is busying taking picture of?

This little Kids Alan Tam and Wu Jie also come to farewell with Zack.

Ck also one of the participant.Haha.

Dun forget me also o.

Everyone is Looks Happy at the gathering.

All of us was sitting chit chat with Zack, asking thing, drinking thing and etc.
And then Zack is starting to telling his master plan at there.

Zack is so busying telling us his big plan there.

The gathering last about 2 hours, then everyone is wishing Zack all the best in his trip and his work.

This is last day for Zack in Penang.(Our Group Photo).

After attending zack Farewell gathering, i am preparing for the next event later night.
All the best to you Zack Yeoh...
Do keep in touch.


Zack said...

I've been here for 1 week d~
Thx anyway~
Im fine here~
Everything is fine~
Rice box that provided by company is damn delicious~ XD

cheekeong said...

good luck to him..

and why my pic is so ugly?!
gonna sue you!!

rongping.lo said...

I am London boy?!?!