Tuesday, February 23

CNY CoME To My house?

Bonjour, Hola,An-Nyeong-Ha-Se-Yo
Wat do u all guys doing during CNY?
Visitting Friends?
Watching Movie?
Singing Karaoke At Redbox?

As for me, mine one would be more specials.
Dated before BOTH of THEM went back to SARAWAK.
Both of My Ex-Housemate. (Bridman 1 and Birdman 3)  Decided To
Pay a visit to my house at Chu 6 Saturday.

 Presenting Birdman 1 Raymond De Lemonz

Following Birdman 3 Wilson De Bison

Besides come to take ang pao from my mother.
Both of them also set out a big mission
which is come to my  Little Wooden "OWEN" House to taste my mum cooking.

More surprising is both of them coming with motor in a Sunny Hot Day to my house.
I will the intro part.
let get down to the business ya.

I am presenting some of my mum's cooking.


I let u all do the guessing with the name of the dishes that been presented.
As soon as both of them watch the food, both of them look happily Ever After.^^

Without delaying any thing, Both of them inclucding me start to have our Happily Ever After Lunch.

Both of them seem like enjoying the Big Meal.

I wonder what both of them Looking at? 

Beside having lunch at My House. The most important thing is to get "ANG PAO" 

Wilson So Happy With Ang Pao.       End Up Raymond Stop Eating Stare At Him. At Least A V Sign From Ray For?

Our lovely Lunch Ended Around 2 something P.M.
Really Thanks Both of them that came to visit me during CNY.

For those who miss out this oppurtunity.Better  Luck Next Time Ya.
Dated You all for this coming Friday Big Meal Celebration At My House Again.

HappY ChinesE NeW YeaR.