Tuesday, December 23

1st Time Ever Clubbing

This sound like a little Funny....
After living in Penang around for 22 year..

Finally, i had take the initiative to go clubbing with my Friends.

From this day onwards,
I am Not A GOOD BOY anymore that where used to be...

I had been A BAD BOY already....lol....

The date is on 20-12-2008
Time: From 11p.m to 3a.m
Venue: MOIS Penang

Mois Penang

Today is not only my 1st time clubbing but also my Friend last time clubbing in Penang.

Try to Guess among of my Friends, Who is the one clubbing for the last time.

Is it the one on left? the right? or the second from the right?

By the time we all enter MoIs...
Many people are already crowded the place.

SEE.... Lots of People Already

So We all also help our self then, try to have some fun...
Dance Dance Dance and Drink Drink Drink...

Cheer....Martelle + Chivas +Beer..Drink it all...

Wei Xiang And Aaron both are enjoying themselves..SO HIGH

Chun Chun and Angel, Chor Yip and Ai Wen them also enjoying themselves also.

And as for me??
I am also not so bad la...
Look at the Picture below then you will know It...

We left MoIs around 3a.m in the morning...
Haha...I am really enjoy it....
Hope that can go again.
Thanks Guyz...
I really had a Great Time

Magic of Hand

We were born with a pair of HAND, Left and Right Hand

We use our hand all the time to accomplish some of our the daily life.
But do we wonder that our hand can even do more for the stuff we do daily?

With a little of Creative, We can do lots of thing with our little thing hand.

Just check out the video below, then you will know what i mean....

The Magic of Hand Shadow

Is it awesome?
Just a simple twist..we can have different types of Hand Shadow......

Just try it for yourself,
I manage to do some of it..not all of it...
Is quite fun anywaay...
Do enjoy it...

Wednesday, December 17

Star Walk..

14Th Dec 2008 Sunday, i woke up around 6..
God, i almost screw thing up...

Today is my most "Important Day" of all my life...
Guess what is it?

Can u all guess it?

I give you all a clue la....hehe

Is the StarWalk 2008

Why this walk important to me anyway?
Wanna Know?

Erm...cause is my 10 years in the a time Exercise Event that ever i took part in..
I feel proud of it, cause i have been long long long time did not go exercise since i enter University

The person who responsible to invite me for this so meaningful event are.....

The person at the left hand side..His is our leader for today...
His name is Ang Jun Teik 22 year old now..
Still single and Available. ( Contact me if anyone one who are interested in him)

Just Came back from London
And looking for jobs

The person at the middle one

Cheang Chor Yip is his name

22 year old also
Not really single

Still Study

Last but not least
The one and the right side Is me lo.
Single lo.
study also.

The main event start around 7.15am..

Everyone is gather around at the starting point around 7.ooam.

During the walk, I found something that is very "INTERESTING".
Let me show some of it to u all.

There is whole crew of Christmas Cheering group also join the walk.

Malaysia Version's Mickey Mouse also take part in the walk?

Best tag team ever which is parent tag with the baby.YO WHAT UP.....

Even the main cheif from other hotel also come here to support us.YOYO

After around 2 hour of walking..
Finally we almost the finish.we can see the finish line just a few yard from us..

CHARGE. we almost there.

After the round, three of us head into PISA to get some food and drink.
Inside here there is a lots of free food and drink for the contestant. There even got DIGI for the Road Show. We also help urself to get some drink after the walk.

Peopel is all over the place looking for free drink and food.

J.T and C.Y felling refreshing after having their drink.LOL

Back inside the P.I.S.A arena, lots of people is gather around for the lucky draw event.

People get seated waiting the lucky draw.

We went back after the lucky draw.....
Came out EMPTY HANDED...
Beter luck next time la..

Thursday, December 11

Band Of Brothers

For Shakespeare's St. Crispin's Day Speech of Henry V, see Crispin

For the song "We Are a Band of Brothers", see The Bonnie Blue Flag.

For Lord Nelson's captains at the Battle of the Nile, see Nelson's Band of Brothers.
It took me 2 days non-stop to finish this drama series "Band of Brothers" and only 1 word that i can describe the drama which is "FANTASTIC"

This "Band of Brothers"drama series is based on the on the book of the same title written by historian and biographer "Stephen Ambrose"

The story tells you about the narrative centers on the experiences of E Company ("Easy Company") of the 2Nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment assigned to the 101st Airborne Division that fight their way from training and to end the World War II in the Europe.

Is this a true life story from the Parachute Infantry Regiment would have survive form the war itself.

As for the cast....

Damian Lewis as Maj. Richard D. Winters
Donnie Wahlberg as 2nd Lt. C. Carwood Lipton
Ron Livingstonas Capt. Lewis Nixon
Scott Grimes as TSgt. Donald Malarkey
Peter Youngblood Hills as SSgt. Darrel 'Shifty' Powers
Rick Gomez as Sgt. George Luz
Michael Cudlitz as Sgt. Denver 'Bull' Randleman
Dexter Fletcher as SSgt. John Martin
Neal McDonough as 1st Lt. Lynn 'Buck' Compton
Frank John Hughes as SSgt. William 'Wild Bill' Guarnere
Rene L. Moreno as Pvt. Joseph Ramirez

Most of the actors i did not know them well, but i manage to get some of the actors for the those who people who know the actors well.

I will skip the synopsis part, let the drama itself to do its thing. I highly recommended this drama series for those people who haven watch it.

Anyway did i mention it..is my favorite "World War II" drama, as good as "Saving Private Ryan"
Do enjoy it...IS WORTH IT.....

Enjoy the Trailer......

Saturday, December 6

State Of Arts

Lately i have come across to some this most creative and interesting picture...
Come and check this out " the most beautiful Art Word of this Artist..."
This is the most real 3D Art work i ever see i my Life..

Do you like Riding a Boat in middle of the Street?

Or prefer fishing instead..

Maybe u enjoy diving to a waterfall.

My FAVORITE parts of all time...

Peoples even can Stand at "Top of the SLATE 20 " for Photographing

Enjoying the Lost and Found Artifacts

Enjoying the "Seance from Hell" or what?

Acting afraid by holding as tight as possible at the Top of the World

A robot pop out out from the metro substation?

looking at yourself in the street?

I really admired this artist for his so magnificent art work.
Hope can share it with you guyz out there...