Saturday, June 20

French Art Festival

hello guys and girls...
sorry for long time didn't update my blog..
never mind...
i am back now..

This time i wan to share with you all with is the "French Art Festival"
this event ended at last month...

i accidentally went to the "French Jazz Concert"
which held in "New World Park"

The group who perform the jazz concert was called " Beltuner"
I am sure every one of you haven heard it before.
I also the same...lolz..

Let me brief you all with a little information of "Beltuner"

"Beltuner is genuine musical alchemy mixing diabolical rhythms of gypsy music.
They bring along a new breath to the popular accordion and musette music in their way of playing.

The Beltuner is formed in 2004 and the band had already performed countless in most of the French and European country."

There more of it actually...
but i think i let you all find out yourself...
you can check out their website.

Back to the Jazz Concert.....
Their Concert was excellent.
Their plays was so nice...
Really enjoy the show..

Their main musical instrument consists of accordion, double bass and guitar.
with these three simple instrument.
They can performed a magnificent performance.

I manage to capture some picture of them during their performance.

There is only 3 person performing the show.Wow...

The accordion and the guitar player look like Pro..

There are quite many people attending the show..

Beside that, my friend who went along manage to capture some of the video.
I put in on there so that you all can enjoy it..

Or you can log on to their website for more video viewing.
The concert ended around 11pm..
Is was a life time experience.