Wednesday, September 23

090909 RedBOx Birthday

Dated at 090909....
A special day with a prefect activities?

I think i still need go to work
My boss did not declare a Public Holiday..

Early in morning just a few hour after working...
I already receive a msg from Birthday Girl "Dory Fish".....

Saying that tonight got a Birthday Redbox Celebration for her and CK.
Thinking of that, for sure i will attend the celebration...wahaha..

Then at the afternoon, this time i not only receive msg, but a call from the birthday boy "CK" itself asking me to redbox also.

On that time onward, i total din have the heart to work d..
The only thing that borther me in my mind was what song that i should sing to night??

Finally waited 6.30pm and finish fetching my mum to "Kek Lok Shi"
Then of i go to RedBox for party.

As, i reach, there. all of them had already started singing and Party.
What surprise me is that day we got 1 special guest which is??

Albert Wu!!

As i remembered well, he got mentioned to me that he did not do singing.
but anyway i glad he here also..LOLZ...
So engough of this.
Let get Singing....

Khang Hua acting cools as Albert try his best to impress us.

My old Housemate "K Khan" & Uncle Raymond.

2 V form the Brithday Boy & Girl.

The 3 lonely boy sitting there???

Caughted Singing High eh?

Be hold the Uncle Raymond.Haha.

After singing a while, then all of us change the song for Birthday Song
to wish both the Birthday Girl & Boy Happy Birhtday.
And the responsible photograhper also doing their jobs of taking photo.

The moment!

CK is going Kill the CAKE?

Dory Looks Cute, Pretty,Gorgeous.

A Perfect shot for a Beatiful Girl.Hehe.

i was wonder what KK doing there at the moment?

Dory is looking at other camera as this shot was taken. Hehe..

I leaving the party a bit early at around 11pm as i need to fetch my mum again.
Therefore, i had no choice my update will also ended here..HEHE..
They all continue singing till they all lost their voice from i heard.HAHA.
Last but not least, we all did take group photo.

7 of us that went to REDBOX.hehe..

Sunday, September 13

Zack or CK or Raymond? Part II

After finish the first part of the gathering....
Is time for the main event then..
The second Lucky Guy which is " The Cockroach"

We all will give a birthday surprise to him..

So here's the plan,
there would two team of people who will operate on this plan.

The team A will responsible to distract The Cockroach until the second team B arrive in the sudden to start off the surprise party.

As planned, we all indeed gave The Cockroach a big Surprise.LOlz...

The Cockroach looks Happy with the surprise.

After singing Birthday Song to CK...
so the next thing we all do in order food to eat.
everyone is so hungry and strafing.

as the food arrive, we all are non-stopping eating it.

Some of them even finish their food already in minute time!

The Bday Boy which din order any food is busying taking picture with all of us.
Here are the evidence of the picture.walla...

Ck with Ah Hong...

Both of them din notice that got other camera is capturing them.

Yan Ping & CK?

Looks happy to take picture with CK?

Jun wei also can't wait to picute.

Cute cute Ah Hong & CK again?wat the?

Ah Liang please smile when taking picture.

Husband & Wife? (CK beloved friends Rayomind San)

Got an extra hand?

CK & Lynn (His beloved)

The naughty Ryan & CK.

Haha. Me & CK...lolz..

Beside taking picture with the birthday boy.
some of us also take picture among ourself.

Raymond & Pei ling.

The Brother & Sister.

Guess i got caught when taking this picutre.

Can't take a Popper picture when all the guys are around.

I guess only Phei Yee notice it when i taking the picture.

The surpise party celebration ended around 10 something.
after that, we all are going for movie that are suppose to be a farewell movie day with raymond.
which is raymond thought is just a simple movie.
but for us, is not just a movie but with a meaningful reason behind it.

before i end this post.
i just want to wish all the best to Raymond and Happy Birthday to Chee Keong
I love u both....

Zack or CK or Raymond? Part I

How to say..
Today dated 4/9/09 Saturday, a beautiful day.
Today is a special day whereby i am attending 2 farewell gathering and a Birthday celebration.

haha...having 3 event in the same day is a quite thing.
So without waste any time, lets get start then.

The 3 lucky guys that i mentioned about are:

Mr.Cockroach Keong (The Upcoming B'day Boy).

Mr. Raymond (London Boy)

As last but not this least

Mr Zack Yeoh (Fhilippines Boy)

The main Started at 3pm at E-gate where Mr. Zack will be the main Actor in the sense.
Zack Yeoh here, is leaving Penang soon to Manila, Philippines for jobs purposes.
Despite, he leaving on that day, therefore we manage to pull out a small gathering with him.

As the result turn out, quite of many people came actually.hehe....

Raymond and Jun Wei is busying taking picture of?

This little Kids Alan Tam and Wu Jie also come to farewell with Zack.

Ck also one of the participant.Haha.

Dun forget me also o.

Everyone is Looks Happy at the gathering.

All of us was sitting chit chat with Zack, asking thing, drinking thing and etc.
And then Zack is starting to telling his master plan at there.

Zack is so busying telling us his big plan there.

The gathering last about 2 hours, then everyone is wishing Zack all the best in his trip and his work.

This is last day for Zack in Penang.(Our Group Photo).

After attending zack Farewell gathering, i am preparing for the next event later night.
All the best to you Zack Yeoh...
Do keep in touch.