Thursday, September 30

Them Again?

I forgot what date is this...
Forgot what time was that...
Forgot Why I post this....

I together with them again after a few month.....
In Lorong Susu.

The Dessert I love Most....
Know What We Eating d?
Then eating with who??

African Ray

The Handsome Jang
Ricky De Rocky
Khong Hua
Jang's Wife.Wen Wen

And And Ray Sister.

While waiting the dessert been served.
We are busy...

Show Off each Watches?

Talking Orang Minyak & Orang Putih?
Discussing Their Wedding Plan?

After waiting..
Dessert time is Served..
Enjoy the picture la..

 I really long time din meet up with them.
Had a great time with them..Just them.

Working Life are busy.
Hopefully can meet with them at 10/10/10
His & Her.BIG DAY....

Monday, September 27



那就让我破例一次用华语来写Blog 吧。

20句 很强大的话

1.你的话 我连标点符号都不信


3.想想 、 还是幼儿园好混


5. 放得下的是曾经,放不下的是记忆。

6.msn的在线率越高 ,证明这个人越寂寞

7. 加倍的惊喜过后常常伴随着加倍的乏味。



10.当幸福来敲门的时候 、我或许不在家

11.累么 累就对了 舒服是留给死人的


13.早该没心没肺, 不用现在的撕心裂肺





18. 孤独时,有寂寞做伴。 

19.世界这么乱 装纯给谁看


Sunday, September 26

4 minute.

Just some time to listen to this song....
It really touch your heart...
Love Korean Song So Much..
Do Enjoy IT......^^.

Sunday, September 19

Fang Fang Goodbye

Parti', Liming, Fiesta? 
For All night Long?

Today is Fang Fang Last Day,
Therefore, we all decided to celebrate her last day at Green Apple?

Then then after office hour, 4 of us in a Honda City..
Went to Bulgaria Hills for a dinner.
Wonder Who am I talking eh?

Simson In Rifle Range's Seng Li
Fang Fang Vietnamese
Honda City Owner's Ean Ean

Before getting stated, I show some of the picture of the environment of this restaurant.^^.

The dining Environment are just prefect for 2.
Even the decoration also well decorated gua.

Rock From Europe?

Prefect Dining Table For U.

Little View from the Little Window
After placing order, we were serve with some bread and soup..
before going for main course and dessert.

Behold The Bread. ( So So Nia)

The special mushroom soup. ( Nice)

Unusual Chicken Golden Blue?

Boneless Chicken

Next is My favorite...Lolz...Dessert time..Yam Yam..^^.

The farewell dinner for FANG FANG.. ended around 10pm++ together with chit chat and photo capturing.

The Following are some of the nice photo just for memorizes...


Last but no least....
All best for you in Vietnam Fang Fang.
We all will miss you much de..^^.

Friday, September 17

我一定是疯了 ( I Must Be Crazy)

Having My Busy Working life...Lolz..
Just wonder when it gonna end.
Just want to share a song with u all,
is a korean song.
Hope u all like it.,,"我一定是疯了"
All the best in ur Career & Study..