Wednesday, September 23

090909 RedBOx Birthday

Dated at 090909....
A special day with a prefect activities?

I think i still need go to work
My boss did not declare a Public Holiday..

Early in morning just a few hour after working...
I already receive a msg from Birthday Girl "Dory Fish".....

Saying that tonight got a Birthday Redbox Celebration for her and CK.
Thinking of that, for sure i will attend the celebration...wahaha..

Then at the afternoon, this time i not only receive msg, but a call from the birthday boy "CK" itself asking me to redbox also.

On that time onward, i total din have the heart to work d..
The only thing that borther me in my mind was what song that i should sing to night??

Finally waited 6.30pm and finish fetching my mum to "Kek Lok Shi"
Then of i go to RedBox for party.

As, i reach, there. all of them had already started singing and Party.
What surprise me is that day we got 1 special guest which is??

Albert Wu!!

As i remembered well, he got mentioned to me that he did not do singing.
but anyway i glad he here also..LOLZ...
So engough of this.
Let get Singing....

Khang Hua acting cools as Albert try his best to impress us.

My old Housemate "K Khan" & Uncle Raymond.

2 V form the Brithday Boy & Girl.

The 3 lonely boy sitting there???

Caughted Singing High eh?

Be hold the Uncle Raymond.Haha.

After singing a while, then all of us change the song for Birthday Song
to wish both the Birthday Girl & Boy Happy Birhtday.
And the responsible photograhper also doing their jobs of taking photo.

The moment!

CK is going Kill the CAKE?

Dory Looks Cute, Pretty,Gorgeous.

A Perfect shot for a Beatiful Girl.Hehe.

i was wonder what KK doing there at the moment?

Dory is looking at other camera as this shot was taken. Hehe..

I leaving the party a bit early at around 11pm as i need to fetch my mum again.
Therefore, i had no choice my update will also ended here..HEHE..
They all continue singing till they all lost their voice from i heard.HAHA.
Last but not least, we all did take group photo.

7 of us that went to REDBOX.hehe..

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cheekeong said...

you wrote it 1st b4 i write!

btw, thanks again for your attendance and the cake..

and i m so happy to celebrate with my dear dory fish~