Saturday, December 6

State Of Arts

Lately i have come across to some this most creative and interesting picture...
Come and check this out " the most beautiful Art Word of this Artist..."
This is the most real 3D Art work i ever see i my Life..

Do you like Riding a Boat in middle of the Street?

Or prefer fishing instead..

Maybe u enjoy diving to a waterfall.

My FAVORITE parts of all time...

Peoples even can Stand at "Top of the SLATE 20 " for Photographing

Enjoying the Lost and Found Artifacts

Enjoying the "Seance from Hell" or what?

Acting afraid by holding as tight as possible at the Top of the World

A robot pop out out from the metro substation?

looking at yourself in the street?

I really admired this artist for his so magnificent art work.
Hope can share it with you guyz out there...


Chun said...

out of curiosity, seriously, y a new blog?

cheekeong said...

hei hei..
finally u managed to own a blog to post whatever u like liao..
gambateh n keep update it..
i will be yr follower 4ever!
nice job!

weijie said...

Wao!! start blogging d!!