Thursday, September 30

Them Again?

I forgot what date is this...
Forgot what time was that...
Forgot Why I post this....

I together with them again after a few month.....
In Lorong Susu.

The Dessert I love Most....
Know What We Eating d?
Then eating with who??

African Ray

The Handsome Jang
Ricky De Rocky
Khong Hua
Jang's Wife.Wen Wen

And And Ray Sister.

While waiting the dessert been served.
We are busy...

Show Off each Watches?

Talking Orang Minyak & Orang Putih?
Discussing Their Wedding Plan?

After waiting..
Dessert time is Served..
Enjoy the picture la..

 I really long time din meet up with them.
Had a great time with them..Just them.

Working Life are busy.
Hopefully can meet with them at 10/10/10
His & Her.BIG DAY....


cheekeong said...

bo jio!!
hate you all!!

RIcky said...

u not there at PG d..hard 2 jiu d..
wait u come back 1st lor.