Sunday, August 22

All In One Farewell

Dated at 16.08.10
Venue at Evergreen Laurel Hotel.
Dress Code : Black For Mysterious

Our Clever Boss decided to have a Farewell Buffet Party for our Colleagues :

Jeannie ( Fired Boss at early August)

Ban Kim ( Last Day at 16.08.10)

Fang Fang (Vietnaming Soon)

Sobrie ( Buka Puasa for Him)

The farewell dinner started around 7.30pm just for the Buka Puasa.
As usual, all the people are late comer for a dinner like this.

While waiting for the BUKA PUASA,
all of us are chatting over there.

As the times comes,all of us are rushing for the FOOD. Lolz.

I guess all are very HUNGRY especially for Sobrie.
Therefore I presenting some of the picture that been taken.^^.

What Ean Ean & Fang Fang Doing there?
Chee Choong & His family.^^
The Nosiest Gang In Office.
The Landscape Architect Seng Li.No plant for him today.
Delicious Seafood Dinner Meal
Jambu & Pineapple?
Sweet Mango & Strawberry Tart.
Brunch of Dinner
A Pleasant of Shashimi.
Whose On Diet That Day?
Dessert, My favorite.
Miss Boss & Boss Husband
Look Like 黄百鸣!

Mr Lim with His Wife.

Who was not Wearing Black There?
The Three Musketeer

Jeannie & Fang Fang
Ban Kim & ??
A Group Photo To Be Memorize Eh..
The dinner ended at around 10pm.
Every people is having a great time there and the dinner is Not So Bad.
All the best for Jeannie, Ban Kim & Fang Fang.^^
Will Miss You All, Hope to see you all again in future time.

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